Non-Domestic BER Certificate

The Non- Domestic BER Certificate is similar to a Domestic BER Certificate but the evaluation must be carried out by an assessor who has registered as a Non Domestic BER Assessor.

The Non- Domestic BER Certificate assessor follows the Non Domestic Energy Assessment Procedure (NEAP) to calculate the BER and generate the advisory report. This assessment is submitted for publication on the national BER Certificate register.

bertFor Non-Domestic or a Commercial Premises we offer four main services:

  • BER Certification
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Energy Audits (Pre & Post Construction)
  • Energy Upgrades & Financing

PDS will review each premises under the following headings:

  • Building Fabric (looking at airtightness, insulation & U-Values of fabric to find the gaps)
  • Energy Sources (gas, electricity etc. to see if tariffs/rates are cheapest)
  • Energy Controls (thermostats, timers etc. to regulate the use of energy)
  • Energy Systems (looking at boilers, lights etc. to see if efficiencies are high)

A typical saving on the recommendations can amount a sum between 25-40% on the yearly energy expenditure. This applies to both domestic and commercial properties.

A number of these savings may require some capital investment, but generally the all-inclusive audit means that considerable savings are possible without having to spend a large sum.

Subsequent to our audit, PDS will also

  • Provide thermal imaging reports,
  • Identify critical issues
  • Perform pre & post surveys
  • Supervise the implementation of all recommendations
  • Oversee of the finance /grant aid application
  • Monitor and affect changes to further reduce energy