Architectural Designs

Architectural Designs are very much customer orientated. We put forward a high quality traditional and modern present-day design from our design studios. Architectural design is often overlooked and is not simply a case of choosing a house type from a book or magazine.  As an Architectural design team we are dedicated to always accomplishing a supreme quality in our Architectural designs. PDS strive to perform diligently with our customers and the general public on all our projects.

PDS have acquired a reputation and standing for extremely distinguished quality and excellence in perfectly designed buildings and also for delivering an all-inclusive value for money expert service. PDS Architectural Design have an exceptional and distinctive consultancy service with a history of design in all the major sectors including Commercial, Housing, Single Housing, Retail, Transport, Leisure, Hotels and Conservation.


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Our Architects have built a strong reputation across the whole of Ireland for delivering high quality award winning projects. Our Architects Expertise & Diversity allows us to work on projects both large and small, which has allowed our company to flourish even through the recent difficult economic conditions that Ireland has endured.

Wether your looking on Google for an Architect Dublin / Architects kildare / Architects Dublin / Architects Ireland you will normally see our website appear, this is purely down to the strong reputation that we have built over our years in business.

Our Practice consists of Excellent Architects & Architectural Services as per normal

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